Johannes Kochs - Wirkungsvolle Einflußnahme

Seminar: The power of business storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and influential communication tools for daily business situations.
To lead, to sell and to communicate.

A well-placed and emotionally told story will reach the heart of your recipients, and thus change their way how to see your topics, and react to them. Storytelling allows to persuade on a different level, opens people for new ideas and visons, makes complex content easily understandable and captures your audiences’ attention.

With storytelling, you can systematically make presentations exciting, set new impulses in deadlocked conversations, present content in a comprehensible and convincing way, and thus make your information and ideas tangible for others. The approach is also ideally suited to convey the essential information in the event of any form of change, without triggering resistance on the part of the recipients that would usually come from a classical argumentation approach.